How to Choose a Photographer to Work With

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How to choose a photographer to work with

Choosing a photographer to work with can be tricky – especially if it’s your first time hiring a professional photographer. These days everyone knows or knows of a photographer, however, there is a considerable amount of factors to take into account when trying to pick a photographer to capture your memories.

Let’s break down some factors that you can take into account:

  1. What genres they capture

This is my number 1 beyond anything else! If you are getting married choose a wedding photographer. If you want your family to be captured, find a family/lifestyle photographer. Photographers niche their work. Yes, we are capable of capturing photos in general but when it comes to spending you need to take into account the photographers speciality. With most services, businesses aim to only work within their niche. From what I’ve seen in the past, clients can be let down by not getting a photographer with skills in the “field” they want. For example, my strengths lie with portraiture and weddings. While I can capture families and new-borns, it’s not my niche.

2. The photographer’s editing style

Not to be confused with their genres. If you like bright and airy photos, you don’t want to choose a photographer with a moody editing style. Similar to their niche, their editing strengths usually lie within:

  • Creative edits
  • Moody edits
  • Bright and airy edits

There are hundreds of editing styles! However, if you choose to hire a photographer with moody editing, don’t expect your images to come out bright and airy. This is a common occurrence with clients & photographers.


Depending on what your session entails, you would want some sort of a portfolio from the photographer. If a photographer is still in their early days, they may have a limited portfolio – we all start somewhere. However, be sure that they have a portfolio of some sort. This will help you get a feel for their work and if it’s something you see yourself being a part of. You should be able to see some previous work through their social media or website.


I love using reviews to ensure my potential clients feel safe and want to ensure that they can trust me with capturing them. This isn’t a must – but if the photographer does have them available on their social media or website it’s always good to read! If they have Facebook reviews, that’s also a good way to find out if clients enjoyed their session. Reviews aren’t always the be all and end all!


The “controversial” topic. Basic psychology plays a role in this – usually the higher the price, we perceive it as more valuable and of higher quality. Lower prices usually mean cheaper, not of higher quality. Keep in mind this is not always the case. The pricing ultimately comes down to the photographer and how they price themselves. Some photographers base their pricing on their personal cost of business, while others base their prices on their competitor. While some people don’t care about pricing, others do and that is why it’s a factor.


My final advice to you, is if you ADORE a photographers work and you see yourself in their photographs, then that’s the one to go for. If their portfolio resonates with you and makes you smile and excited, go with them.

What other factors do you take into account?


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