About our portrait studio. S Brazier Photography in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
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Welcome to our photography studio

Magazine-style portraits for the everyday person.

A photography studio dedicated to you.

Empowering Through Portraiture
When the photography studio was opened, the mission of it was to empower through portraiture. The space was created to invite people no matter what their background is, to have a beautiful portrait of themselves. We want to showcase your beauty in an authentic portrait. Anyone can do this, including you.
What We Do
Our portrait sessions are a great way to capture your unique beauty and keep it for a long time. Don't worry about anything during the shoot, we will guide you and touch up your photos so you always look your best. You can choose a 30- or 60-minute shoot depending on how many pictures you want to take. We'll make a personal online gallery for you to see and download all your pictures easily.
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Frequently Asked Questions

While it is not mandatory to hire our makeup artist in order to shoot with us, we highly recommend that you do. Professional makeup really amplifies your portraits.

We do not change body parts or body sizes when editing. The most we will change is your hair by making it look fuller if need be.

We’re a sucker for a good black and white portrait. 99% of our studio shots always look great in B&W!

This also means you get more value out of your portraits as you can decide which one you prefer more. Either way, you receive both.

Not at all! We work with all kinds of people – from those who have never had a portrait taken before to professional models.

You will be guided through your session and posed in a way that is most flattering to you.

Our photography studio can only accommodate up to 6 people. Our equipment is clunky and with our assistant being present as well, any more people present would not make for a pleasant experience.

If you wish to shoot with more than 6 people, it will need to be on location.

Our packages have been built in a way so that they can either be done alone or with someone.

As we do professional high-end retouching, retouching more than 2 people per session becomes time-consuming and results in a slower turn-around time.

For those on a tighter budget, it’s a great way to share the cost of the session.

We do not allow for a split session on location and in studio. Your session is either at our studio or on a location.

Our studio has a garden which we can shoot in.

While we predominantly focus on studio sessions, we do shoot on location as well. Please specify in your booking message where you would like to shoot!

Yes! We encourage every client to bring 3 looks:

  • one casual look
  • one semi-formal look
  • one formal look or a creative look

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due to secure your booking. No date or time-slot is confirmed without payment.

For portrait sessions, if the client cancels, they forfeit the 50% non-refundable deposit. The fee can be credited towards a future session if the client reschedules the appointment by calling 48 hours prior to the date of session and re-booking at an agreeable date and time.


As per your contract, we need to reiterate that punctuality is important.

We give a grace period of 15 minutes for you to arrive at your session. If you have not arrived after 15 minutes, you will be able to reschedule your session one more time.

For example:

If your session begins at 2 pm, you need to arrive by 1:55 pm so that we can begin on time. If you are late, you have until 2:15 pm to arrive. If not, it will be rescheduled.

This is due to the fact that we have other sessions booked after yours and the photography studio still needs to be prepped prior to the next session.

We dedicate this time to you, so we ask in return that you dedicate it to us.

While we get asked by many potential clients if we can shoot cake smashes or newborns, we have chosen to not go forth with these sessions in the future.

Firstly, we have no knowledge on wrapping babies, working with them and we do not have the props to do so. Our photographers are not mother’s yet so we have no expertise in that department.

Secondly, every cake smash we have done in the studio ends in tears. We aren’t sure why this happens but the toddlers go into a full meltdown. We have a suspicion that our space might be too overwhelming for them with our lights and setup.

When booking with us, you get access to a client portal. Here you can see:

  • your account statement
  • your gallery
  • your contract
  • questionnaires
  • anything else we add there

The online gallery allows you to view and download your portraits. This stays up for 2 weeks once your session is sent to you.

We only want you to take home what you love!

Depending on your session you receive anywhere from 10-25 portraits to choose from.

Our 30 minute sessions allows for 7 portraits to be chosen and our 60 minute session allows for 14 portraits to be chosen.

You will be given the option to purchase additional portraits or the entire gallery once they are delivered to you.

You do not receive unedited images or all images taken during the session.

According to section 63 of the Consumer Protection Act, vouchers expire after a period of 3 years after the date on which they are issued. This can, however, be extended at the discretion of S Brazier Photography.

Our turn-aroud time is 1-2 weeks.

View our photography studio calendar here. Please note bookings will be manually approved. 

Looking for something? Pop us an email!