How to book more clients as a photographer

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How To Book More Clients As A Photographer

We know the struggle – business is slow and you sit at your desk twiddling your thumbs wondering “how can I book more clients as a photographer?”. Well, today we’re going to look at ways to fix that.

I remember my first booking. It was for a friend’s matric farewell (prom). I was over the moon! I then got my second booking for another friend’s matric farewell and then bookings came to halt. I was finishing up high school but also, my targeting and advertising was non-existent. So here is my first tip!

1. Step up your marketing game

We are so fortunate to live in a world where we can publish a post and it can be seen by hundreds – even thousands. USE IT! I know, it seems scary. You’re worried about other ‘togs judging you for your marketing or pricing or even just worried that you work doesn’t seem as good as there’s. IT IS OKAY. We all have to start somewhere and chances are, they were once in your shoes, my friends!

So, how do I step up my marketing game?

Make use of social media

I really make use of social media. I mean REALLY. As a photographer, you really want to be utilizing Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to the max! They are such beneficial marketing platforms. Should I do an in-depth social media post?


Make sure you have a Facebook page. Use all the tips that Facebook provides when making your page. Don’t leave it to die either. Post frequently. Facebook and Instagram work hand in hand so when you post on the ‘Gram, you can share it to Facebook and boom! Post done for the day!

My Facebook page:

Book more clients as a photographer


We all love it but we also all hate the algorithm. I myself still struggle with it. So what I have learnt: post frequently. Make sure you link your page to Facebook and then you can see your insights. Who sees what, when they see it, where they are and so forth.

Instagram is all about engaging with others, so make sure you do so.


If you have a website and a blog, then Pinterest will be a great platform to push traffic to your site.

Also, make a cute “advertisement” for the blog post. For example, this one is probably going to “HOW TO BOOK MORE CLIENTS AS A PHOTOGRAPHER”.

Make your posts visually pleasing

You want to make your posts visually pleasing because no one wants to be reading a book-long post about your business.

So, go check out this app, Canva. You can make posters, flyers, announcements, business cards, basically anything on this app.

I love using Canva for my story highlight icons on Instagram and even making a poster for my story announcing a new promotion. The possibilities are endless. If you already know how to use Photoshop or InDesign, make use of those!

You want the image to summarise whatever you are marketing.

Make use of your current connections

Your friends and family are great. Even your work colleagues, school mates, whoever you hang around with.

A lot of my connections share my posts or advertisements and you can easily get bookings from them.

Book more clients as a photographer

Have a portfolio

If you’re new to the massive world of photography and want clients, you will need a portfolio of some sort. It could be your Instagram page, Facebook page or website, but people need to know that you actually take photos.

Depending on what genre you shoot, use your friends and family as models. Offer them a free session and then use these photos as your starting tool. If you are into wildlife, go outside and capture birds or animals in your area. If you want shoot with models, talk to a friend who wants to build their portfolio. Chances are, they will be willing to and very patient with you.

2.  Collaborate

Collaborate with local businesses. Offer them free photographs in return that you can leave flyers at their business or they share your work on Facebook.

3. Second Shoot or find a Mentor

If you want to get into weddings but have no clue where to get clients from, look at second shooting for a ‘tog that does get a lot of bookings for weddings. You’ll get paid and learn all the tricks of the wedding trade.

If weddings aren’t your thing, look for a photographer in your area that shoots what you want to shoot. Ask if you can shadow them. You can learn a lot from an experienced photographer. I will be jumping on the mentor train for 2019!

4. Be patient

Sadly, bookings don’t just happen overnight when you first start out. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Be prepared for a lot of “no’s”. But, don’t be discouraged by it. It took me nearly 3 years to get consistent bookings. People will learn about you in the area, which leads me to my final tip.

5. Make yourself known.

Brand your business. Make sure that your town/suburb/city knows that you are a photographer. Post everywhere, make it your workplace on Facebook, share it on your personal profile. When people ask what you do, you say that you are a photographer starting out in the industry.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 ways to book more clients a photographer. I promise, you will get a booking. It will take time and sadly, the photographic industry is so saturated these days that there’s an abundant amount of “photographers”. However, if you are 100% dedicated and serious about what you do and you have the fire in your belly, you will make it.

Take criticism, don’t be discouraged by the word “no”, learn, learn, learn and practice all the time. Use the tools you have and you will get the results you want.

If you have any questions, head over to my contact page.

Keep shooting,


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