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the power of a portrait

A professional portrait is extremely powerful – you can portray your personality through an image.

When we look back in time, we see our grandparents and their forefather’s sit and get a professional portrait of themselves done, either through a camera or painted.

Why did we ever stop?

I remember when I was a child digging up some portraits of my grandmother that she had taken when she was younger. As a child, we had a professional family portrait taken as well. We got dressed up in our best clothes and they took a timeless image of my family. My mother proudly displayed it in her home and still does to this day.

As we get older we only tend to take professional portraits either when it is necessary (for a business profile) or when a big event occurs in our lives, such as weddings, pregnancies etc.

Why did we stop getting dressed up and taking a beautiful portrait of ourselves?

Today, the walls of our homes are either covered with outdated photographs, pixelated selfies or nothing at all.

We should proudly display a portrait of ourselves in our homes. Yes, digital images are great but there is something so special and empowering about having a beautiful portrait of yourself up on the walls of your home.

"Because nobody is going to pass down a usb drive from generation to generation. print what you want to preserve."


The studio space is located within my home in the Vaal. With it being in my home, I wanted it to be more comfortable and cozy for my clients.

The studio was isn’t all white, lights and plain. I work mostly with natural light and one additional off-camera flash when needed.

There is a private bathroom for the studio and a small makeup station where you can put your belongings. A seating area for consultations or even just for a chat and cup of tea before we start. I have 2 beautiful backdrops that I hand-painted, one black and one brown. I have some more makeshift ones as well but those 2 are my go-to.

You might be greeted by my boyfriend Richard or my other roommate Wesley. They won’t be around much. There’s a good chance my furry friends will come say hi, Yin or Habibi. Please let me know in advance if you dislike cats or are allergic.

I hope you will enjoy the space while you’re here!

What to bring

It’s easy to get carried away & bring your whole wardrobe to the session. I always say be prepared with:

  • A casual outfit
  • A semi-formal outfit
  • Either another casual, semi-formal or creative outfit

This ensures we have variety and can play with different looks while you’re here.

What I have in the studio:

  • select wardrobe pieces
  • select accessories
  • hairspray
  • safety pins
  • a hairdryer
  • a hair straightener
  • water, tea, coffee


  • Your outfits (one casual, semi-formal,
  • Nude/White underwear (if wearing white)
  • Black underwear (if wearing black)
  • Underwear (shapewear, push-up etc. )
  • Stick on bra or boob tape (if you have a backless shirt/dress)
  • Snacks (if we’re shooting for longer than an hour)
  • Hair brush
  • Shoes (heels & casual shoes)
  • Makeup – if we have MUA, bring your foundation
  • Jewelry / Accessories
  • Props


  • Your outfits (one casual, semi-formal, formal/creative)
  • Snacks (if we’re shooting for longer than an hour)
  • Hair brush
  • Shoes (casual & formal)
  • Accessories (watch etc.)
  • Makeup (concealer/foundation)
  • Props
YOUR dream photoshoot beauty captured memories preserved day to shine time to invest in yourself



Upon booking me (after you you’ve been sent here), you will finalise your package.

Once the package is finalised, I will send you an invoice to your email, as well as a booking form. This booking form serves as a contract for your session.

Once the contract is signed, you will be sent you 50% deposit.


We get planning! Dates, times, themes and outfits happen here.

If you would like a makeup artist, I arrange that for you.

A day or two before your session I will confirm everything with you and we can go over your outfits to ensure you are prepared and ready to slay!


Please arrive on time to your session. The reason for this is there may be a client after you and I need to prep the studio after your session is completed.

Upon arrival you will get changed, we can have a cup of tea and start the session.

Expect lots of laughs, a lot of “gorgeous”, a lot of good tunes and many smiles!


I will keep you posted on delivery of images. Most shoots will take me 2 weeks.

When this is completed, you will receive your gallery. You will favourite the images that you want and if any additional ones are available and you would like them as well, you will be sent an invoice for those.

After this you will then be able to download your images.


If you would like to purchase prints, the option will be available through the gallery.

You will simply select and checkout what you would like. You can then EFT me your total amount and I will be able to see your order on my platform. I will place the order with my supplier as soon as I can.

Print delivery will take about 2 weeks.


The Essential

30 Minute Session in Studio
Access to wardrobe
7 professionally retouched images of your choice
Personal online gallery
Additional images will be made available for purchase at R40/image


The Premium

60 Minute Session in Studio
Access to wardrobe
14 professionally retouched images of your choice
Personal online gallery
Additional images will be made available for purchase at R40/image


The Deluxe

60 Minute Session in Studio
Makeup artist – full face with lashes
Access to wardrobe
18 professionally retouched images of your choice
Personal online gallery
Black wibalin folio box with 18 printed portraits of your choice
Additional images will be made available for purchase at R40/image


Prints and their importance in today's world

I never really understood the power of printed photographs until I started printing my own. Seeing myself and my memories frozen on this photograph paper just hit differently – I know it’s super cheesy.

When I got the first set of prints for my studio, I was in awe. To have the beautiful faces I have captured on the walls of my studio always puts a smile on my face. They are conversation starters.

Yes digital is the now and social media is cool when you upload your portraits. But, having this in your home is so worth it. People always compliment you on what’s on your walls.

One day when you have a child and grandchildren, they can see mum or dad in their youth. Social media isn’t forever, we should not rely on Facebook or Instagram to preserve our memories.

If you frame a print properly or keep the folio box in a good condition, it can last beyond your lifetime – while social media could disappear overnight for all we know.

Since adding tangible products to my service, my clients walk proudly out of my doors with their portraits. I love when they send them to me and show me where they put it up.

Even if you don’t purchase one of my printed products, I encourage you to go out, buy some photo frames, head down to your local Kodak and print some memories that you loved over the years.

A La carte

Black Wibalin Folio Box
With 8 prints | R316
With 12 prints | 399
With 18 prints | R489

Tri-Fold Genuine Leather Frame | R359

A3 Canvas | R472 each

Print 8×10″ | 20.32 x 25.4 cm | R27

A4 Prints | 21cm x 30cm | R40

Prints 12×18″ | 30x45cm | R84

A3 Canvas + A4 Matte Print | R480

8×10″ Print + 12×18″ Print | R100

A3 Canvas Set | R1200


No. I usually give an additional 15 minutes towards the session for outfit changes.

Payment plans are available. You can shoot & pay your deposit, then I will hold onto your images until the final amount is settled.

Not at all! I work with people who are models, who hate photos, who don’t ever take photos. All are welcome!

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required when booking with me. This secures your time with me as I specially book out that time with you.

It can take between 1-2 weeks depending on how busy I am.

I prefer it when my clients get their makeup done by my MUA, however it’s not necessary.

As it comes from a supplier, anywhere between 1-2 weeks but I will keep you posted.

Between 2-6 weeks is sufficient.

I do not edit body shapes. However, I do a special technique on the skin to keep texture and smoothen it out. Any non-permanent features are taken out such as pimples or scratches etc.

No. As a lot of work and love goes into the images, I do not provide the RAW files – they are also not available for purchase.

I allow up to 3 people per session. After that it will R200 per person.

I communicate mostly through email or Whatsapp. As I am human too and use my Whatsapp for both personal and business communication, please respect my office hours between 9am – 6pm. I sometimes reply after 6pm, but if I don’t and I’m online, I will reply in the morning.

Yes you are more than welcome to. 3 is usually sufficient, but if you’d like more variety, blazers and jackets are a great way to do a quick outfit change.


The studio is thoroughly disinfected before a client arrives.

Vacuuming & wiping down of all equipment, handles, props, accessories is completed with a disinfectant. The floor is also mopped with a disinfectant.

Upon arrival, clients are asked to sanitize hands. No hugging, shaking hands is allowed. We do a elbow greeting! We then complete a screening process & check your temperature.

Myself and anyone else (assistant, MUA, hair stylist, friends or family) will wear a mask in the studio the entire session.
If myself or my assistant needs to adjust the client (hair, pin a piece of clothing etc. ) hands will be sanitized before going near the client. If the client is uncomfortable with this, they can adjust on their own.

To ensure that the studio is clean before the next client, the studio will not be booked back-to-back. One hour between sessions is used to ensure there is adequate time to disinfect.


My name is Siobhan (pronounced Shavon if you’re wondering how the hell you say that). I am a self-taught portrait and wedding photographer in the Vaal. I love tea, plants and people. I have a degree that I barely use, I love cats and good naps. I’m a super tall arty-farty kinda person who would rather go to an art gallery than a club (but wouldn’t deny either).

My strength has always been capturing people and so due to Covid-19 I finally took the leap and decided to start a portrait studio. If you love jivey tunes, laughs and feeling like a supermodel then I am your girl! You can follow my adventures over here.

If you have any further questions, send me a message and I will get back to you soon!

Much love,

See you soon!

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