Hello! Welcome to the new and improved S Brazier Photography website! I am so excited about all the new changes and the overall look of my site. A massive thank you to smpl for the makeover and for hosting me.

So, why the change?

Well, I wasn’t utilising my site enough. It was there and all and I would do is update the photos every month or so. The blog? Ha! That was a joke.


I plan on really using my site for educational purposes, updates, bookings, etc.. It’s going to be great! The plan is to consistently post to the blog which I will share all over the show so you never miss a new post. Posts will be about my amazing clients, some tips for photographers, tips for clients, news and who knows what else it may lead to!

Anyway, take a look around! I am super proud of it and I hope that you enjoy your stay!

See you soon,


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