Entering the world of a content creator in 2020

Entering the world of a content creator in 2020

Testing out the life of a content creator

A recent trip sparked my interest in content creation and the world of being a content creator.

In mid January I received the opportunity to second shoot for one of my best friends and one of the most talented wildlife photographers I know! Chanel Kyriacoudes and I spent the week at Roam Private Game Reserve nestled in the heart of the Karoo.

The last time that I visited that side of South Africa, I was around the age of 6 – so my memory of the Karoo is little to none.

The landscape of the Karoo blew my mind and really sparked my passion for landscapes and exterior photography.

The Karoo”s weather was relentless whilst on our trip – the sky looked like the above image most of the time. Chanel and I got caught in an insane wave of rain whilst shooting Victoria Luxury Gin.

Another highlight was tracking the cheetah at Roam on foot. By using a telemetry, the tracker picks up a signal from the cheetah and then we locate them on foot.

The two males, Toto and Numsa were extremely active, pacing up and down the reserve whilst marking their territory. Once again, the weather was gloomy but made for stunning shots.

The exterior and interior of the lodge was a treat to capture. I love pushing my abilities, so trying to capture the lodge was challenging but worthwhile.

Content creator captures travel destination, Roam Private Game Reserve, Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa.

The trip really taught me a lot about content creation and the world of travel photography. Content creators make the life seem luxurious but the behind the scenes is tiring and a lot of sifting through thousands of images while downing many cups of coffee. Not only that, but being away from home is difficult. However, the experience is so rewarding and the trip is one I will not forget.


The reserve: Roam Private Game Reserve

Second shooter for: Chanel Kyriacoudes

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