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Photographer & friend

I’m not just your average portrait and wedding photographer, I consider myself and my team your friend. The aim is is to bring you value and memories that will last a lifetime.

My service doesn’t begin and end with a quick shoot, edit and give your photos. I want to craft unique relationships with my clients, while delivering high-quality products. I recently launched my photography studio in the Vaal.

I’m all about vibrant storytelling. My style is colourful, authentic and empowering. Head over to my Instagram to get an idea of my work.

I am currently located in Vanderbijlpark, Vaal Triangle, Gauteng, South Africa. But I love travelling so if you’re closeby or even a province or country away, I would love to work with you.

Photographer, S Brazier Photography capturing a matric farewell in Vereenging, South Africa


I promise to take the best photo you have ever seen of yourself. I want you to look at it and say WOW! You deserve to be spoilt, you deserve to look glamorous, you deserve to be captured by a professional photographer.

This isn’t only for models. This is for the moms, the single ladies, the women that you don’t see in the mainstream media. I want you to feel like a celebrity! I want you to say, “That was incredible! Let’s do it again!”

You are worthy of a photoshoot. No matter the size, race, gender, age, educational status, background – whatever it may be. Everyone, including you reading this, deserve a professional portrait.

Vaal photography studio in Gauteng South Africa. Photography studio near me in Vanderbijlpark. We service the entire of the Vaal Triangle, bringing you luxury portraits of yourself and your wedding.

About Photographer S Brazier Photography



Bringing value to the table is the most important thing. Delivering the highest quality product is of the utmost importance to me and my business.

With a range of carefully-crafted packages and products, you and your investment are safe with us. With more than 5 years of experience and hundreds of clients, education and smiles, I can take on any challenge.

Not every photographer will be the perfect match, but if you can imagine yourself in my art and that art on the walls in your home, we are the perfect match.



I started off modeling at my local modeling school in 2015. During this time I picked up a 12 year old camera and started shooting random things around the house, my brother and my best friend. If you scroll back on my Instagram enough, you will find it!

I slowly started shooting more people, like matric farewells and photographs of my friends. At the time, Instameets were extremely popular. Instameets were a bunch of Instagram photographers who meet up with models and take portraits.

I started growing my following and people started taking notice of my work. I shot more creative work with models in 2016.

As I went to university at NWU in 2017, I took photos of graduations, matric farewells and corporate shoots. This continued until I graduated in 2019 with my a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications. It was a struggle juggling university and my ever-growing business.

In 2020, I moved back to Vanderbijlpark. I was supposed to have my “big break” in weddings. Unfortunately, Corona came around and that was halted.

In June, my friend asked me to take some studio photos of her. I had no studio so I had to DIY it. After posting them, many people asked for studio shots. And that was the launch of my studio. In less than a year, I grew my photography studio to a full-blown studio with consistent clients and I am now still shooting weddings on the side!

Sound like the perfect match?
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