About the person behind the camera

When I began photography, I never imagined it growing into a business. Through years filled with passion and purpose, I have created something that inspires young entrepreneurs, as well as empowering people through portraiture.

About S Brazier Photography

Hi there! My name is Siobhan Brazier and I am a portrait photographer based in the Vaal Triangle.

My love for portraiture began in about 2014 when I picked up a camera that was lying around. Since that day, I have worked with hundreds of beautiful humans from all over the country.

My aim is to be inclusive and diverse in my work. Anyone is welcome in my studio. My promise to you is that you will walk out of here having confidence and have an increased sense of self-love and self-compassion.

In 2020, I launched my portrait studio which has now become my full-time career. In just one year, we are fully booked up all the time, which is insane to say during a pandemic!

In one year, hundreds of beautiful faces from all walks of life have entered these doors. I am now at the point where we are expanding the team with an assistant, as well as a makeup artist.

Scroll below to find out more about my journey below.

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  • Picked up a Canon 350D for the first time
  • Did modelling in my free time


  • Started attending Instameets in Johannesburg
  • Booked my first paying client


  • Got my Canon 7Dmkii.
  • Quit modeling as it wasn’t for me
  • Launched S Brazier Photography
  • Started shooting more events and creative portraiture


  • Moved to Potchefstroom
  • Started studying Bachelor of Arts in Communications
  • Continued to shoot events & portraits
  • Shot my first music video with Evida


  • Began taking bookings for year in advance


  • Graduated from North-West University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications
  • Shot my first wedding on my own


  • I was supposed to go full-time and then the pandemic hit
  • Decided to launch a photography studio with a curtain and bed frame
  • Most successful year to date


  • Fully booked for most of the year
  • Hiring an assistant
  • Booking 3 months in advance!
Photo 2019 10 03 16 25 24

The studio's story

In March 2020, I was in a slump. The pandemic hit and this year was supposed to be the year that I shoot many weddings and hopefully transition into full-time wedding photography. Oh did the universe have other plans for me.

I came across a photographer giving away free access to her education site for one week. I decided to go through with it in hopes of creating a studio one day. I thought “man this is going to cost me so much money”.

In June, Palesa sent me a message saying she needs portraits for her Miss South Africa entry. She wanted more of a studio vibe and I said, well let’s see what we can do.

A bedframe with a curtain pegged to it and natural light created this image on the right.

I posted it because I thought it was a beautiful image. Once I posted it, I got message from people asking if I had a photography studio now. I said no, not really!

More people began to take interest and in one-year the studio has grown to a profitable space that is warm, comforting and empowering.

My little business training week set me up for success. Who would have thought?

In 2021, I decided to launch my #sbfacecampaign to showcase natural beauty and diversity. You can check it out here.

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